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Use This Recipe to make the Lady Finger Cookies first.

NOTE: This recipe is inspired by


1 Batch of Lady Fingers

16 oz Mascarpone

4 Eggs, separated (200g)

*1 1/3 C S'WEEET! Sweetener Blend (187g-divided) or 1 C table sugar *see below

1 C Strong Brewed Coffee or diluted Espresso

1/4 C rum, brandy, bourbon or Khalua, (60g-divided) (optional)

1 t Vanilla Extract (increase to 1 T if not using liquor)

Cocoa Powder for dusting


You can use a 10" round or 9x13 pan.

1. Pour the coffee into a wide, shallow bowl, add 2 tablespoons of the liquor, stir and set aside.

2. Add the egg whites to the bowl of your stand mixer and use the whisk attachment to whisk until frothy.

3. Slowly add half of the S'WEEET! and continue whisking on high until stiff peaks form.

4. Transfer the whipped whites to another large bowl.

5. Add the yolks to the stand mixer bowl along with the other 2 tablespoons liquor, vanilla extract and the rest of the sweetener.

6. Use the whisk attachment to whisk on high about 3 minutes until light and fluffy.

7. Add the mascarpone and mix well.

8. Use a large metal spoon or spatula to fold half of the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture.

9. Add the rest of the egg whites and continue folding until well incorporated but still fluffy.

10. Dip the Lady Fingers in the coffee mixture on both sides and place them in a single layer in your pan. If you soak them too long they may fall apart, so test one first.

11. Smooth about half of the mascarpone mixture on top of the Lady Fingers.

12. Repeat for a second layer of Lady Fingers and mascarpone.

13. Dust with cocoa powder and refrigerate at east 4 hours or overnight before serving.

SWEETENERS VARY tremendously. We do not recommend substitutions in this recipe

Allulose and kabocha-based sweeteners (BochaSweet) will make baked goods soft and not crispy. Erythritol can make them firm and more crumbly. We suggest using our new sweetener blend, S'WEEET, real sugar or a substitute such as Lakanto's Baking Blend, or Mrs. Jones blend (which contains sugar).

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