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Dr Kellyann Petrucci

"My kids devoured their sandwiches made with the sandwich bread and went sideways over the cinnamon rolls! (As I said on Dr. Mehmet Oz's DON'T have to break up with bread if it's the right bread.) This bread is super clean: dairy, wheat, grain, GMO free, paleo approved low carb and sugar free. #paleo #lowcarb #bread"

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci  
New York Times Best Selling Author of Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet and Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Cookbook

I have to admit, going from a lifetime of bland fluffy dry bread to something as deliciously moist and filling as this mix is a big change, but it's something that will definitely be rewarding due to minimal calories and carbs. The husband has RA, and I, DDD. We are 68. Time doesn't go backwards at this point in our lives, so we felt changing over to a grain free, gluten free, and lectin free diet might be exactly what the doctor ordered. We both agree, having to compare this to something we have eaten for nearly 68 years is hardly fair, because like anything new it's an acquired taste. The moist density is very similar to a rich cake-like texture that is quite pleasing. Yet the consistency is quite solid and holds together nicely for a sandwich. Additionally, there is minimal wait time for the dough to rise of 15 minutes before it can be formed into a loaf and popped into the oven. We tried a PB & J sandwich for our first tasty bite. It was lovely, moist, not too chewy, and the bread really enhanced the filling. It will definitely be a winner for French toast. The owners are extremely informative and quick to respond to their email, and when our first loaf stuck badly to the glass bread pan, they quickly sent a couple of additional batches of mix as a replacement and assured me that spraying pans with coconut oil will alleviate the problem. It did! And a perfect loaf was produced without any problem at all. To know we are eating something that has no additional preservatives is a huge plus in this world saturated with tons of unhealthy and unwanted additives. Who would have thought that something without grains, gluten, lectin, soy and preservatives could be so darn yummy? There is also a nice toasty, almost nutty-flavored robust crust to the loaves giving the bread some nice crunch. For my next undertaking, I'm diving into the challenge of a sourdough loaf using the mix from the same creative couple. My husband and I are big fans of a good chewy sourdough. We've made pancakes from their baking mix as well, and they were an outstanding success! The pizza crust will be our future experiment down the road, but if it's anything like the other mixes, it is sure to please us immensely. Overall, I would highly recommend Grain Free Planet mixes to anyone who wants a simple mix for healthy and tasty bread alternatives. You'll be doing your body and your health a huge favor in the process!     Billy

If you're eating your cheeseburgers minus the bun... If you're dying for the crunch of cinnamon toast, .... If everyone around you slathers butter on steaming hot rolls right in front of you. THIS. IS. FOR. YOU! We're talking grilled cheese sandwiches. Strawberry shortcake. Oh man. This stuff is an absolute pain in the butt to make at home. Nobody is getting rich off of this. Buy some for the freezer, occasionally whip this out... And let the good times roll!  J. amazon customer

My Chicken noodle soup with your grain free noodles turned out fantastic! Even my husband can’t believe how great it tastes.  

it’s 38 degrees here tonight so this and Grain free baguette bread is what’s for dinner! #Winning          Jann

We have been gluten-free for 6 years, and on a GAPS/Paleo diet for 4. We've tried nearly every baked-good option out there, and couldn't handle the overly processed potato and rice starches in most gluten-free breads. The bean-based ones were too difficult for us to digest, and we finally gave up. Now that we've discovered Tom and Anna's REAL BREAD, we can finally bring bread back into our lives. The texture is perfect, not crumbly, cake-like, or gritty like so many other breads. The flavors are well balanced, not shouting coconut or almond, just BREAD. Annabelle and Tom provide excellent customer service. We highly recommend every product!    Steph

I have tried a lot of grain free breads and this is by far the BEST!! Texture and taste is on point!! My husband even likes it! I love that I have to bake it because it makes it feel more homemade! Super excited to have found this awesome company and their customer service is outstanding!! Thank You for creating a great healthy product!   Becca

I can’t have sugar or yeast. So, I love love love these products!! The sweetener is the BEST I have ever used! And I have used every non-sugar sweetener there is! The cake, cookies and pizza are some of my top favorites. I’ve also made pumpkin pie! I just can’t say enough about how much I truly LOVE these products!! They are a total game changer for me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.    Nikki

I just wanted to thank you for shipping my order and that your bread is the BEST healthy bread i have ever eaten (and i have tried many many!)!! You really perfected the recipe! Wonderful!  Thank you so much! Will be buying every month! I am only eating your bread now!  God bless you! I am already feeling better from your marvelous bread!  Thank you so much!    Tundee

Wendy Jae - owner of

Our family journey towards a healthier lifestyle became an exciting voyage of discovery with Grain Free Planet's exceptional range of grain-free and keto-friendly bread.

First and foremost, the taste and texture of their bread is a revelation. It's hard to believe that grain-free and keto-friendly bread could be this delicious, with a perfect balance of softness and crunch that keeps our breakfasts and lunchtime sandwiches enticing.

We can't recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to make a healthy change to their diet without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

I have just eaten the lightest, prettiest, most delicious waffle EVER!  It was so good I had to bother my sister to tell her how good it was!  Just butter and some was so light I had to hold it down to the plate with Something!  Thanks, in a word, for a great product."     Pete

I just ordered the Cinnamon bread and used it for French Toast on Valentine's morning. We have been living gluten free for over 3 years and it's nice to have someone else make our bread every once in a while. These products tastes great!  Allana

This mix makes the best grain-free cinnamon rolls ever! These mixes fill the pastry void formed by going paleo, and helps my family stay on track with healthier real food eating. Recipes are easy and the resulting texture is lighter and moister than any other grain-free product we have tried. Highly recommended.    Micah

I absolutely love this bread. I am a nutritionist with a Whole Foods based focus and the ingredient list is squeaky clean. I also follow a keto lifestyle and find that eating this bread fits into that lifestyle / way of eating perfectly.    Gretchan

This is by far the best low carb bread!!!! I was pleasantly shocked with how "bread like" the mixes were. Thank you so much for providing a healthy alternative to my love of bread!    Andrea

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