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Discover a whole new world of flavorful, nutrient-dense, low-carb options with our selection of artisanal, grain free keto friendly Breads and Baking Mixes.
Enjoy the taste of health and convenience with Grain Free Planet.

grain free pizza slice
cupcake with blue frosting
grain free cupcake

& plant based, 

grain free slices of bread
grain free breads slices
without sugar, gluten or other junk
grain free Chocolate Chip Cookies
grain free pasta noodles
grain free burger buns
grain free Everything Bagel

We make Life


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grain free pie
grain free pink donuts
grain free baguettes
grain free pancake
3 cupcakes in a row


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grain free pancake
Enjoy your favorite Comfort Foods and your Health without breaking the Bank!
Bakery Mix Tub-2.5lbs New

Finding good ingredients and great recipes is time-consuming, expensive and frustrating.


When we open our cupboards, we all want choices and variety, so why buy pricey, one-use mixes?

Pasta Mix Tub-2.5lbs New
Bread Mix Tub-2.5lbs New


We make it easy to eat better always not just sometimes.

S'WEEET! Sugar Free Sweetener Blend Mix Tub-2.5lbs New
S'WEEET! like Sugar

We Listened to YOU! 

Everything you want

in four convenient

2.5 lb Blends


Our New Sweetener!

Pizza and Wraps Mix Tub-2.5lbs New

Take the Leap!

Make life a little easier and enjoy food again!

Who knew Baking 

without Grains or Sugar

could be this easy?!

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"IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I love it. I like how the texture is fluffy and the taste is super great. Sweet enough, does not overkill."


Cambridge, Ontario


I can’t have sugar or yeast.

So, I love love love these products!!

The sweetener is the BEST I have ever used! And I have used every non-sugar sweetener there is! The cake, cookies and pizza are some of my top favorites. I’ve also made pumpkin pie! I just can’t say enough about how much I truly LOVE these products!! They are a total game changer for me!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Nikki S.

"I love all of your products! 
I haven't been able to try

everything, but most of them. 
I shopped through Azure Standard and that is how I found you!  Please know how grateful I am for all that you have done to help support grain free eating and keto too!  Your products are delicious..."

Carmie E.

yellow smiley face

Brought to you by Tater & Tot,
and me, Annabelle,
the author of

the Ultimate
Grain-Free Cookbook

"Thank you! I ordered the book from Amazon and recently ordered your mixes. They are our entire family's FAVORITE!!!

My son has celiac and type 1 diabetes, my daughter has celiac and dairy allergy, and it's something we can all eat and love.  Thank you, Cristina"


The Ultimate Grain Free Cookbook by Annabelle Lee
Dr Steven Gundry and Annabell Lee

With Dr. Steven Gundry,  cardiologist, heart surgeon, medical researcher, and Bestselling author of the Plant Paradox Series. 

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