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Easy Tamales


It's best to use a kitchen scale whenever possible. If you don't yet own a scale, these recipes are based upon 'lightly packed' measuring cups, so whether you use the 'dip and sweep' method of measuring or the 'spooning into the cup' method, always gently press down on the mix in the measuring cup and add more to fill the cup, as necessary. 1 cup of Bakery Mix equals approx. 125g.


1. I like to slow cook a large chuck roast for my tamales. To keep the filling nice and moist, after shredding it, I sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of our pasta mix on and toss in extra broth. See below for other filling ideas

2. This dough keeps well in the fridge if you want to split it into two nights. Tamales also freeze really well, cooked or not.


For the wrappers you can use rehydrated cornhusks which have been soaked in warm water until pliable (or fresh husks work too) or parchment paper cut into 6x6 squares.


1 C Broth or Water (300g)

1 C Melted Butter or Lard (224g)

1 Egg (50g)

1-2 t Chili Powder

1/2 t Garlic Powder

Makes about 12-16 tamales


Get a large pan and a big pot fitted with a steaming rack and about 2 inches of water ready.

1. Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl and whisk until well combined.

2. Cover and let rest 15 minutes.

3. Use a spatula to stir again. Add 1-2 T more broth/water if dough seems dry.

4. Add a few tablespoons of dough onto each cornhusk or piece of parchment paper.

5. Spread the dough to one edge, so that when you fold it over, the dough will sort of “mush” together and seal the edge. Smooth out flat to make a surface to add your filling.

6. Add 1-2 tablespoons of filling onto the masa and press slightly into the soft dough.

7. Fold/Roll it up, folding in the edges. You can also add another layer of wrap with aluminum foil .

8. Stack them on the steaming rack loosely or stand them on end, packed a little tighter together.

9. Cover and steam for about 35-40 minutes. Check if they’re done by seeing that the husk or parchment paper pulls neatly away without sticking. (Don’t eat the husks!)

Filling Suggestions:

  • Cooked, seasoned meat and olives

  • Steamed and peeled Anaheim or pasilla chiles and queso fresco

  • Steamed/sautéed and seasoned veggies

  • Sautéed onions, garlic, and goat, feta, or cream cheese


Sauce Suggestions: I love using my blender or food processor to make sauces. Sometimes I simmer them a bit and sometimes I serve them raw, depending on the ingredients I choose.

  • Sweet potato, tomato, red pepper, onion, garlic, broth, salt

  • Cilantro, baby spinach, garlic, jalapeno, lemon juice, olive or avocado oil, salt

  • Soaked sun-dried peppers, broth, onion, garlic, lemon juice, salt

  • Tomatillos, onion, cilantro, zucchini, celery, salt

  • Roughly chopped avocado, black olives, scallions, queso fresco, or goat/feta cheese

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