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'Cinnful' Cinnamon Rolls


1. It's best to use a kitchen scale whenever possible. If you don't yet own a scale, these recipes are based upon 'lightly packed' measuring cups, so whether you use the 'dip and sweep' method of measuring or the 'spooning into the cup' method, always gently press down on the mix in the measuring cup and add more to fill the cup, as necessary. 1 C Mix weighs approx. 125g.

TIPS: Glass pans take longer to come to temperature than metal pans and ovens vary, so bake times may need to be adjusted.


1 3/4 C MULTI-USE BREAD MIX (219g)

2-3 T S'WEEET! Sweetener Blend (30g-optional)


2 Whole Eggs (100g)

2 Egg Whites (60g)

1 1/4 C Milk (300g)

2 t Apple Cider Vinegar (10g)


1/3 C Melted Butter (60g)

1/3 C Sweetener

1/4 C Cinnamon


Pre-heat your oven to 350°. Butter an 8" or 9" square or round pan or use a muffin tin.

1. In a medium-size bowl, whisk together the milk and vinegar. Whisk in the eggs and egg whites, adding a pinch of sweetener if you like.

2. Whisk in the dry mix and let the batter rest 15 minutes.

3. While the batter rests, in a small bowl, stir together the melted butter, sweetener and cinnamon and set aside to cool a bit.

3. Use your fingers to stir and mix the batter until a soft dough forms, then use a spatula to press and turn the dough several times to firm up.

4. Use the spatula to transfer to your work surface and onto a piece of cling wrap.

5. Wet your hands and sprinkle a little water over the dough and cling wrap. Use your hands to roll into a log-shape and cover with more cling wrap.

6. Press or use a rolling pin to shape into a rectangle about 7 x 13 inches. Remove the top piece of cling wrap and spread the dough with the cinnamon mixture. If it firmed up too much warm it a second in the microwave.

7. Use the edge of the bottom piece of cling wrap to help you roll the dough into a log. Cut into 9 sections.

8. Bake for about 40-44 minutes. Note that metal pans may have a shorter bake time.


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