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Jalapeno Cheese Bread


It's best to use a kitchen scale whenever possible. If you don't yet own a scale, these recipes are based upon 'lightly packed' measuring cups, so whether you use the 'dip and sweep' method of measuring or the 'spooning into the cup' method, always gently press down on the mix in the measuring cup and add more to fill the cup, as necessary. 1 C Mix weighs approx. 125g.


1. The liquid egg whites in a carton are easy to use when the recipes calls for several eggs.

2. Use room temperature ingredients (if recipe calls for whole eggs, rest them in very warm water to quickly bring up temperature before cracking).

3. Glass pans take longer to come to temperature than metal pans, so you may want to adjust the bake time as needed.

4. Bake thoroughly, covering the top with parchment paper if necessary. Removing too early may cause the rise to sink.

5. For a softer crust, store in a plastic bag, and for a drier crust store in a paper bag.

6. Re-crisp the crust in a 400° oven for about 10 minutes.

7. Breads will keep 7 - 10 days refrigerated or frozen up to a year.


2 1/2 C MULTI-USE BREAD MIX (313g)

1 1/4 C Egg Whites (300g)

1 C Room Temperature Water or Beer (240g)

1 T Apple Cider Vinegar (15g)


2 C Shredded Cheddar

1/4 C Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

1/4 Soft Butter

1 t Garlic Powder

Makes 1 large loaf or 2 smaller rounds.


Preheat oven to 400 degrees and line a sheet pan with parchment paper.

1. In a large bowl, combine the wet ingredients.

2. Measure and add the dry mix to the bowl of liquids, and use your fingers to briskly 'whisk' to combine.

3. Cover and let the dough rest 15 minutes.

4. Use your hands to knead and squeeze the dough for about 60 second. The dough will tighten up as you knead it.

5. Press the dough out onto a parchment lined surface, slightly pressing divots with your fingertips as if you were making focaccia.

6. Spread with butter, sprinkle with garlic powder, jalapenos and top the whole surface with shredded cheese.

7. Use the edge of the parchment paper to help you roll the dough as you would with cinnamon rolls.

8. Cut tube in half and press and shape each half into two round loaves. You can also make one large loaf.

9. Bake one Rustic Loaf about 76-80 minutes or two smaller loaves about 48-52 minutes.

10. Top with the rest of the cheese and jalapenos towards the end of baking.

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