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Our new 2.5lb (40oz) Multi-Use Mix Tub is equal to 4-5 single stand-up pouch mixes by 'others' at a 25% SAVINGS!


Click HERE for Recipes with Directions for our Pasta Noodles Mix.


Discovering this super easy to make pasta mix will change your noodle-loving world! No more big pots of boiling water or weird-tasting, broken pieces of noodles you've believed was the only way to have a healthier choice for your family. 


Just combine mix, egg whites and water in your blender, spread on a sheet pan, bake 6-8 minutes, roll, cut (with a knife or use a pasta cutter) and they're ready for your favorite sauce. Yep, it's so easy it's like magic! And the taste and texture is just like the real deal noodle.

MULTI-USE PASTA NOODLES MIX - Makes Noodles, Lasagna, Gnocchi & more